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Mrs. Sophia Davis Ashe

Born: 0

Died: 20 Apr 1843

Aunt of Sophia Strudwick, wife and widow of Thomas Ashe, daughter0in-law of Gov. Samuel Ashe, an early N.C. Governor, for who Asheville, N.C. is named.


Burial Notes: "The hand of friendship raises this slight memorial to the memory of Sophia Davis Ashe of Wilmington, N.C. The warmth and sincerity of whose heart captivated all who came within the sphere of her benevolence full of hope and faith. She departed this life on the 20th of April 1843 AE 73 years. We shall not look upon her like again."

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Arcola Family Cemetery

Sophia Davis Ashe

Sophia Davis Ashe

of Wilmington, N.C. Aged 72