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149 Burials, Boligee Episcopal Church Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Aman, Edna Steele [Bell]17 Dec 19120ClickClick
-0Aman, Walter Boyd 25 Feb 190812 Jun 2002ClickClick
-0Bailey, Anne Byrd 04 Sep 190621 Oct 1994ClickClick
-0Bailey, Robert Owen 12 Nov 190424 May 1971ClickClick
-0Barnett, Hattie A. Oct 1844 Nov 1901ClickClick
-0Barrett, James Samuel 31 Jul 191002 Jun 1993ClickClick
-0Bayer, Jeanie Gould 06 Jan 189418 Sep 1987ClickClick
-0Bayer, Spencer Droke 18 May 189201 Jan 1985ClickClick
-0Beech, Lida [Means]09 Sep 188828 Oct 1918ClickClick
-0Bell, Bennie Johnson 09 Apr 19220ClickClick
-0Bell, Julian Foster 11 Sep 191812 Sep 1981ClickClick
-0Bell, Sallie [Steele]01 Jan 188105 Dec 1965ClickClick
-0Bell, William F Jr 15 Oct 191617 May 1918ClickClick
-0Bell, William Foster 22 Jun 187629 Sep 1967NAClick
-0Bouchelle, Bessie Innes 12 Jun 189426 May 1973ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Ezra Fisk 28 Mar 189012 Jul 1891ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Ezra Fisk 20 Mar 185110 Oct 1909ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Ezra Fisk 10 Sep 188623 Apr 1887ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Ezrene Fisk 12 Jan 190028 Jan 1992ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Frances Minor 28 Feb 188826 Oct 1890ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Henry Tutwiler Jr. 14 Nov 188930 Dec 1965ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Henry Tutwiler 25 Apr 186309 Mar 1913ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Innes Brown [Gould]02 Apr 186627 Mar 1936ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Julia [McLemore]18 Dec 189013 Sep 1935ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Lucie Minor 10 May 189707 Oct 1974ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Maria [Barbour]25 Jul 184718 Dec 1920NAClick
-0Bouchelle, Martha [Calhoun]06 Jan 190911 Nov 1959ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Regina 17 Feb 190009 Dec 1989ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Sarah [Gould]14 Mar 185918 Feb 1931ClickClick
-0Bouchelle, Sarah Gould 10 Sep 188627 Apr 1887ClickClick
-0Brown, Robert 19241924ClickClick
-0Brugh, Guy Pendleton 18761926NAClick
-0Burch, Caroline Means 18 Jul 188212 Dec 1960ClickClick
-0Burch, Sadie Morrow 23 Apr 191507 Aug 1997ClickClick
-0Burch, Samuel Allison Jr. 18 Jun 194011 May 2005ClickClick
-0Burch, Samuel Allison 11 Sep 191210 Sep 1971ClickClick
-0Burch, Samuel Joseph 27 Jun 187729 Jan 1939ClickClick
-0Burch, William Robert 01 Aug 191015 May 1960ClickClick
-0Burwell, Ellis Arnold 16 Aug 190904 Oct 1971ClickClick
-0Burwell, Mary [Byrd]01 Nov 191301 Apr 2000ClickClick
-0Byrd, Annie Thornton 00NAClick
-0Byrd, Catherine Marshall 18901911ClickClick
-0Byrd, Catherine Marshall [Gould]23 Apr 186107 Feb 1891ClickClick
-0Byrd, Daniel H 09 Jun 187630 Jul 1951ClickClick
-0Byrd, Daniel H. 09 Jun 187630 Jul 1952ClickClick
-0Byrd, Delia Gould 25 Jan 187511 Oct 1894ClickClick
-0Byrd, Elizabeth M 16 Jan 188209 Jul 1971ClickClick
-0Byrd, Robert Taylor Jr 27 Apr 188123 Apr 1964ClickClick
-0Byrd, Robert Taylor 18461913ClickClick
-0Byrd, Susie Perry 05 Mar 187825 Nov 1951ClickClick
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