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206 Burials, Concord Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Arrington, Imogene Smith [Smith]2 Jan 19226 Nov 1986ClickClick
-0Arrington, Robert Bruce 17 Jul 19220ClickClick
-0Ball, James H. 18691927ClickClick
-0Ball, Son Infant 00ClickClick
-0Bishop, Daughter Infant 25 Feb 191125 Feb 1911ClickClick
-0Borden, Alla Belle 29 Apr 187713 Feb 1896ClickClick
-0Borden, Benjamin 8 Sep 190210 Oct 1902ClickClick
-0Borden, Daughter Infant 00ClickClick
-0Borden, Etta Thomas 14 Mar 186928 Mar 1906ClickClick
-0Borden, William Wallace 30 Sep 184522 Apr 1898ClickClick
-0Brantley, James 17601832NAClick
-0Brown, H Lee 07 Feb 186119 Dec 1927NAClick
-0Brown, Laura Irene 21 Dec 186416 Feb 1901NAClick
-0Caldwell, John 13 May 182217 Dec 1903ClickClick
-0Caldwell, P. C. 22 May 183317 Dec 1906ClickClick
-0Calhoun, Pearl Brooks 18821939ClickClick
-0Calhoun, William Elliot 18781941ClickClick
-0Clary, Henry W. 19 Aug 18545 Jun 1921ClickClick
-0Cochran, Mary A 10 Nov 184602 Apr 1901NAClick
-0Conyers, Leah 17861852NAClick
-0Cummings, Kathleen [Martin]7 Sep 18758 Dec 1922ClickClick
-0Cummings, W. Oliver 18711942ClickClick
-0Davis, B A 17 Nov 184013 Dec 1913NAClick
-0Dobbin, Alexander 4 Aug 177815 Mar 1840ClickClick
-0Dobbin, Leah [Conyers]25 Jun 18530ClickClick
-0Elmore, B H 19 Oct 183122 Dec 1886NAClick
-0Elmore, Mrs. Elizabeth 19 Nov 183704 Dec 1927NAClick
-0Fleming, John Whitney 11 Sep 185216 Sep 1857ClickClick
-0Ford, John Franklin 24 Mar 187517 Jun 1937ClickClick
-0Ford, Kate E. 23 Aug 187420 Feb 1939ClickClick
-0Ford, Robert E. 15 Apr 18990ClickClick
-0Frierson, Harriet N. 11 Jun 182919 Jul 1847ClickClick
-0Frierson, James M. 14 Feb 17961832ClickClick
1806-0Frierson, John W. 00ClickClick
-0Fulton, Daughter Infant 00ClickClick
-0Fulton, Dr. James A 18200NAClick
-0Fulton, Louise 18250NAClick
-0Fulton, Son Infant 00ClickClick
-0Garnett, Isabella J. 26 Aug 18446 Sep 1856ClickClick
-0Garnett, James T. 10 Jun 18496 Sep 1856ClickClick
-0George, Matilda M 004 Jun 1871NAClick
-0Gewin, Lura Calhoun 24 Aug 190610 Jul 1934ClickClick
-0Glenn, Simeon 030 Jul 1835NAClick
-0Griffin, Sterlin 18 Aug 19338 Sep 1997ClickClick
-0Hardy, E. W. Apr 1866 Aug 1931ClickClick
-0Hardy, Eliza Skinner 12 Sep 185320 Jan 1917ClickClick
-0Hedleston, James 8 Oct 178829 May 1842ClickClick
-0Hedleston, James L. 8 Nov 185725 Sep 1873ClickClick
-0Hedleston, Lawrence V 03 Jan 185726 Jun 1887NAClick
-0Hedleston, Sarah E. 23 Dec 182226 Sep 1846ClickClick
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