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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
4-8Edwards, Jesse H 17 Dec 183115 Sep 1852ClickClick
1-2Horton, Infant of G. A. & A. S. 11 Feb 190111 Feb 1901ClickClick
1-3Horton, Infant of J. A. & M. M. 30 Sep 187930 Sep 1879ClickClick
1-10Horton, Infant of John & Mary 00ClickClick
3-4Horton, James W 5 Dec 184121 Sep 1861ClickClick
2-6Horton, Jesse 7 Jan 17732 Aug 1850ClickClick
3-7Horton, Jesse H 8 Nov 184511 Oct 1846ClickClick
2-7Horton, Jesse H 22 Sep 181925 Jul 1843ClickClick
1-12Horton, Jesse Harbard 22 Sep 18434 Aug 1844ClickClick
2-1Horton, John D 1 May 181417 Oct 1882ClickClick
2-3Horton, Julia [Holley]20 Feb 181716 Jul 1859ClickClick
2-2Horton, Lewis Duncan 12 Apr 185017 Jun 1858ClickClick
-0Horton, Lillie 27 Sep 18581859ClickClick
3-5Horton, Marcia L [Ford]5 Sep 18195 Oct 1852ClickClick
1-11Horton, Mary [Coleman]4 Nov 181429 Nov 1843ClickClick
2-4Horton, Mary Suber 27 Sep 185618 Nov 1857ClickClick
2-5Horton, Sarah Elizabeth [Chamblee]177717 Mar 1862ClickClick
3-6Horton, Sarah F 28 Nov 183822 Sep 1850ClickClick
3-12King, Alexander 24 Jul 183006 Jan 1852NAClick
3-13King, Berry 17 Jul 179812 Nov 1851ClickClick
-0King, Elizabeth Jelina 24 Apr 183224 Apr 1832NAClick
-0King, Mandy Ellen 16 Apr 183416 Apr 1834NAClick
3-14King, Molsey [Horton]4 Jul 180821 Jun 1881ClickClick
60-1Scarbrough, Martha 184226 Mar 1905ClickClick
60-2Scarbrough, Moses 18336 Apr 1901ClickClick
4-12Scarbrough, William R 15 Dec 18506 May 1852ClickClick
60-3Unknown, Unk 00ClickClick
60-4Unknown, Unk 00ClickClick
60-5Unknown, Unknown 00ClickClick