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Mason - Scottish Rite
Mason - Scottish Rite

Mason - Scottish Rite

A series of organizations covering the Masonic degrees from the fourth degree up. The symbol for the 32nd+ degree Mason is a double-headed eagle.

The double-headed eagle was probably first accepted as a symbol of Freemasonry in 1758. In that year the body calling itself the Council of Emperors of the East and West, was established in Paris. The double-headed eagle was in all probability adopted by this body, which claimed a double jurisdiction. The eagle, one head inclined to the East and the other to the West, to guard any and all who might approach from either direction. The accepted symbol of the Scottish Rite is the Double-Headed Eagle of Lagash. It is the oldest crest in the world, according to fraternal scholars and was a symbol of power more than two thousand years before the building of King Solomon's Temple. This impressive double-headed eagle features the white-ribboned motto, pendant from the hilt to the point of the sword, containing the words SPES MEA IN DEO EST, which translates My Hope Is In God. From: http://www.austinscottishrite.org/history/eagle.html