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Tombstone Iconography

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Title Description Burials Photo?
ArchThe arch is symbolic of triumph or victory. Arches symbolize a passageway or door into the unknown (journey to heaven).BurialsClick
ArrowThe arrow is a symbol of mortality -- a "dart of death." Arrows may also represent a military profession or hunting.BurialsClick
Celtic KnotThe Celtic Knot woven from a single thread symbolizes eternity.BurialsClick
ChainThree chain links is a symbol of the Order of the Odd Fellows. Links can also be a symbol of living or deceased family members. BurialsClick
CircleTwo Circles entwined represent marriage. Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity.BurialsClick
Greek KeyThe Greek Key, also known as Fret, is an ornamental design consisting of repeated and symmetrical figures contained within a border. BurialsClick
MeanderGraphic symbolizing Clouds and Rolling Thunder, both representative of God and his power in the heavens. In one representation, it is the Greek key.BurialsClick
Orb or BallThe Orb is primarily decorative. Three balls together may symbolize money (pawn shop.) Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity.BurialsClick
QuatrefoilA quatrefoil is composed of four equal lobes, like a four-petaled flower.Used for good luck -- similar to the four-leaf clovers. BurialsClick
SpiralThe single spiral symbolizes the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy depending on the culture. It represented the sun in ancient Ireland.BurialsNA
StarStars are frequently used as religious symbols.BurialsClick
Star - Six PointedSymbolic of God, the creator of the universe. The six points refer to his attributes: wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth. BurialsClick
TrefoilThree equal circles joined generally represents the Trinity.BurialsClick
TriangleHoly TrinityBurialsClick