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Piety Hales [Holliman]

Born: 26 Dec 1866

Died: 10 Sep 1934

No finger pointing on her stone. He husband's stone has a finger pointing down - same stone and icons as Piety's EXCEPT for the pointing finger!

Burial Lot:
Survey March 2006 KRJ & CLS

Burial Row/Column:

More about Burial:
Hands Clasping


Burial Notes: Piety Holliman Hales' husband's name was JEFF. 1920 census: Jeff D., Piety, Estell (1888), Johnny D. (1896), Julia E. (1898), Robert L. (1903), Maud L. (1905), Maggie O. (1908)

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Williams Cemetery

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Piety Hales [Holliman]
Piety Hales [Holliman]

Piety Holliman wife of J. D. Hales Dec. 26, 1866 Sept. 10, 1934 She fought a good fight She kept the faith