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Deerman Chapel Cemetery

Saint Clair County, Alabama

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Overview of steps that once led to the chapel.
Steps that once led to the chapel in Old Deerman Cemetery.
Deerman Chapel 1932. Photo provided by William McCombs.
Deerman Chapel 1932. Photo provided by William McCombs.
Old Deerman Cemetery
Deerman Chapel Cemetery , back of cemetery looking at farm behind cemetery
Deerman Chapel Cemetery , overview of area missing stones (in back)
Deerman Chapel Cemetery, wooded area missing a lot of stones
Deerman Chapel Cemetery , Overview Behind Sign
Deerman Chapel Cemetery, Overview near sign
Deerman Chapel Cemetery , Bench
Recording tombstones at Deerman Chapel Cemetery (Old Deerman)
Old Deerman Cemetery, bench at entrance to stones
Old Deerman Cemetery



Survey Info: Partial survey done 29 June 2003; full survey March 2005. Verified Lat/Longitude. Unreadable stone descriptions supplemented with information from St Clair County Genealogical Notes by Mildred S Wrignt.

Directions to Cemetery: I-59 North to Steele Station Road exit, turn left. Left at the end of Steele Station Road onto Highway 11. 4.5 miles to Deerman’s Chapel Rd. Deerman’s Chapel Church and Cemetery will be on your right. Turn left, ½ mile.


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