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Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Greene County, Alabama

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Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, March 2007
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, march 2007
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Overview, March 2006
Sign in front of church at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, stones in the woods behind the cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Overview
Slave section at back of cemetery



Survey Info: Partial surveys on March 22, 2001 and July 1, 2003. Full survey done in March of 2005. Updated March 2007. Stones in the woods are under row 99.

Directions to Cemetery: About 14 miles west of I-20/59 on Highway 14.


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Cemetery Notes: This cemetery maybe the burial place of my great,great grandmother,Sarah Nason Montgomery Archibald who married Thomas P.Archibald after her first husband ,William Milton Montgomery,died.She and Mr.Montgomery had a daughter,Laura Glenn Montgomery who married Edwin Kerr Fulton, my great grandfather,in about 1863 in Sumter County ,Alabama.They had three children--My grandfather,William Milton Fulton,Laura Edwina.and Laura Montgomery.Edwin Kerr loved his wife,Laura,so much that he named both his daughters after her !When she died in 1877,he was very grief stricken so his sister,Martha Agnes Fulton Hedleston went to Birmingham to live with him for a while and help with the children.Sarah Nason Montgomery went to live in Pleasant Ridge ,Alabama after re-marriage to Mr.Archibald and they had several children.I would love to visit the cemetery and look for grave sites that might belong to the family.

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