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781 Burials, Greensboro Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Allen, Mary C 18 Aug 184101 Feb 1915NAClick
-0Askew, V Boardman 00NAClick
-0Atkins, Alonzo 14 Mar 187516 Nov 1943ClickClick
-0Atkins, Charles 11 Aug 186002 Feb 1879ClickClick
-0Atkins, John 22 Nov 181507 Jul 1877NAClick
-0Avery, Ann 09 Sep 180326 Mar 1878ClickClick
-0Avery, Edward W 16 Oct 185712 Feb 1870NAClick
-0Avery, Rev. John D.D. 19 Jan 178817 Jan 1857ClickClick
-0Avery, Mary Elizabeth 18321922ClickClick
-0Avery, Sarah [Walton]25 Nov 183927 Sep 1931NAClick
-0Avery, William A 01 Mar 183221 Mar 1910NAClick
-0Avery, William C 00ClickClick
-0Beck, Emma [Walton]18601942ClickClick
-0Beck, John Richard 18601942ClickClick
-0Benners, Edward Graham 11 Dec 185227 Oct 1911NAClick
-0Benners, Fanny 22 Aug 184724 Mar 1896NAClick
-0Benners, Jennie 15 Apr 186629 Jan 1932NAClick
-0Bernard, M Lou 15 Sep 185502 Jan 1907NAClick
-0Blackford, Willie 18581858ClickClick
-0Boardman, Harriet Earle 22 Dec 181922 Jun 1885NAClick
-0Boardman, Volney 22 Aug 181029 May 1890NAClick
-0Breen, R F 005 Mar 1890NAClick
-0Britton, Mary Susan 24 Aug 184431 May 1909NAClick
-0Britton, Sadie R 27 Aug 185720 Nov 1901NAClick
-0Britton, W C 06 Feb 184225 Feb 1926NAClick
-0Brown, Maria L [Withers]27 Jul 184525 Jul 1918NAClick
-0Brown, Martha King [Jones]03 Jan 189224 Mar 1934ClickClick
-0Burton, Walter S 10 Sep 185619 Feb 1926NAClick
-0Butler, Ann 11 Mar 179617 Feb 1882ClickClick
-0Butler, Lovely or Louly 26 Apr 182430 Mar 1894NAClick
-0Callaway, Ella [Briggs]18461929ClickClick
-0Cannon, Mattie L 194109 Jan 2006NAClick
-0Carson, Lewis Joshua 07 May 184510 Mar 1918NAClick
-0Carson, Thomas K 26 Jan 184614 Dec 1924NAClick
-0Castleman, David J 19111982ClickClick
-0Castleman, David James 18661889ClickClick
-0Castleman, Eileen Swanzy 19111997ClickClick
-0Christenberry, Daniel P 27 Apr 185628 May 1911ClickClick
-0Christian, James Jack 18 Nov 187106 Feb 1926ClickClick
-0Christian, Mary Grace Jack 18511919NAClick
-0Christian, Mary Virginia 31 Jul 190203 Nov 1903ClickClick
-0Christian, Rinnie Lee [Head]08 Apr 187524 Jan 1939ClickClick
-0Clark, James A Jan 185304 Nov 1872NAClick
-0Clements, Mrs 18601930NAClick
-0Clements, W Z 02 Jun 185903 Apr 1924NAClick
-0Cobbs, Annie Borders Bullard 20 May 190912 May 1988ClickClick
-0Cobbs, Francis Avery 18361929ClickClick
-0Cobbs, Francis Avery 09 Jun 186711 Aug 1930NAClick
-0Cobbs, John 011 Aug 1901ClickClick
-0Cobbs, Lida [Tunstall]29 Jul 186607 Aug 1951ClickClick
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