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94 Burials, Mount Hebron Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Baker, Annie O. 20 May 189031 Mar 1976NAClick
-0Baker, H. B. (Hop) 20 Oct 188919 Jul 1974NAClick
-0Baker, Infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Baker 015 Feb 1912NAClick
-0Collins, Gayle (Son of J. W. and M. E. Collins) 15 Oct 189129 Dec 1912NAClick
-0Collins, James W. 007 Apr 1920NAClick
-0Colvin, Augusta L. 26 Jul 189819 Oct 1979ClickClick
-0Colvin, E. P. 18921949ClickClick
-0Colvin, H. Chester Sr. 01 Feb 192902 Oct 1991ClickClick
-0Couchman, Benjamin 01 Dec 188007 Mar 1960NAClick
-0Ford, Bettie C. 24 Jan 186014 Feb 1910NAClick
-0Ford, Ella Eva 29 Jun 189917 Oct 1970NAClick
-0Ford, J. S. 21 Feb 188012 Mar 1955NAClick
-0Ford, John Marshal 11 Aug 185911 May 1914NAClick
-0Ford, Moody Hudleston 11 Jan 188218 Jan 1902NAClick
-0Ford, William H. 20 Nov 189005 Jan 1970NAClick
-0Gewin, Mary E. 18601922NAClick
-0Gewin, Dr. William C. 18551930NAClick
-0Gibson, 'Father' Christopher C. 20 Aug 187128 Jul 1929NAClick
-0Harry, J. H. 27 Mar 183815 Feb 1910NAClick
-0Harry, Mary J. 08 May 184301 May 1928NAClick
-0Henry, Isham 00NAClick
-0Hoggle, Julian L. Sr. 25 Oct 191916 May 1980NAClick
-0Holston, Annie E 15 Mar 186910 Aug 1929ClickClick
-0Holston, C. A. 29 Feb 186114 Nov 1910ClickClick
-0Holston, Edwin 26 Feb 189703 Feb 1977ClickClick
-0Holston, Ernest 15 Nov 188925 Jan 1908ClickClick
-0Holston, Eugene J. 27 Feb 189217 Dec 1948ClickClick
-0Holston, Eula C. [McGraw]12 Jan 190018 May 1989ClickClick
-0Holston, Infant of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Holston 018 Apr 1917ClickClick
-0Holston, J. W. 06 Feb 185810 Jul 1915ClickClick
-0Holston, John Dolphus 25 Nov 189907 Mar 1988NAClick
-0Holston, John Patrick 11 Oct 188922 Mar 1974ClickClick
-0Holston, Kittie D. [Payne]08 Feb 190914 Mar 1964NAClick
-0Holston, Leonard Clivie 10 Apr 190204 Sep 1974NAClick
-0Holston, Marvin 12 May 189205 Apr 1931NAClick
-0Holston, Mary Virginia [Hafner]14 Feb 188412 Dec 1977NAClick
-0Holston, Myrtis (Claud) [Payne]16 Oct 191129 May 2002NAClick
-0Holston, Robert Jefferson Sr. 25 Dec 185416 Apr 1926ClickClick
-0Holston, Thomas Owen Sr. 23 Oct 189716 Jun 1967NAClick
-0Holston, Thomas Owen Jr. 07 Mar 192806 Nov 1997NAClick
-0Holston, Willa Erin [Moorer]19 Feb 186618 May 1916ClickClick
-0Holston, William N. 21 Feb 186618 Jan 1948ClickClick
-0Holston, Willie B [Clary]01 Jan 190010 Apr 1976NAClick
-0Holston, Willie Clay 26 Jun 194128 Jun 1941NAClick
-0Horn, Annie 29 Dec 190621 Oct 1987NAClick
-0Horn, Geo. Thomas 15 May 190828 May 1908NAClick
-0Horn, Joseph Johnson 01 Jul 186714 Sep 1912NAClick
-0Horn, Martha Ann 18681935NAClick
-0Langford, James R. 11 Oct 185029 Feb 1932NAClick
-0Langford, Nancy E. 31 Aug 188205 Dec 1956NAClick
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