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Orangemen Symbolism -- Photo provided by Richard Waterhouse
Orangemen Symbolism -- Photo provided by Richard Waterhouse


Loyal Orange Association of British America (Orangemen)

The society was founded in the late 18th-century in Ireland (1830, in Canada, 1867 in US) as an anti-Catholic, pro-British (monarchy) order. In the late 19th century, the Orangemen joined with the Jr. Order United American Mechanics (a similar society in US) to restrict immigration to US, promote the Protestant religion, the separation of church and state, loyalty to the flag, the English language, and public schools, etc. Women relatives of Orangemen members could join the Loyal True Blue Association and the Ladies Orange Benevolent Association. The Orange Order was most known for its anti-Catholic, pro English (anti- French Canadian aspirations) 'patriotism." Grand Lodges still operate in most of the provinces in Canada. "The Order was the chief social institution in Upper Canada, organizing many community and benevolent activities, and helping Protestant immigrants to settle. It remained a predominant political force in southern Ontario well into the twentieth century. A notable exception to Orange predominance occurred in London, Ontario, where Catholic and Protestant Irish formed a non-sectarian Irish society in 1877." (quote = Wikipedia)