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Tombstone Iconography

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Title Description Burials Photo?
Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) FraternityATO was founded after the American civil war in 1865 to help heal wounds created by the war and reunite north and south.BurialsClick
DAR - Daughters American RevolutionNSDAR - National Society Daughters American Revolution. Serves to "perpetuate the memory and spirit of the women and men who achieved America"BurialsClick
HTWSSTKSAcronym for "Hiram the Widows Son Sent to King Solomon" and is found on a keystone of Royal Arch Masons.BurialsClick
Knights TemplarEstablished in England in the 18th century, the Masonic Templars claim descent from the Medieval Poor Soldiers in Christ. BurialsNA
LevelThe level is a very basic symbol of Freemasonry, as a Mason must pledge to be "on the level" in all his dealings.BurialsClick
MasonMany Mason tombstones are marked with a compass and square which stand for faith and reason. The letter "G" stands for God or Geometry. BurialsClick
Mason - Grand MasterFreemasons, uprightness, judgmentBurialsClick
Mason - Royal Arch (HTWSSTKS )Royal Arch Masons are an organization of York Rite Masons that have at minimum obtained the Master Mason degree. See also HTWSSTKS.BurialsClick
Mason - Scottish RiteA series of organizations covering the Masonic degrees from the fourth degree up. The symbol for the 32nd+ degree Mason is a double-headed eagle.BurialsClick
Mason - ShrinersSee ShrinersBurialsClick
MooseA moose may be found on the emblem for the "Loyal Order of the Moose" - a fraternal organization.BurialsClick
OrangemenLoyal Orange Association of British America (Orangemen)BurialsClick
ShrinersPhilanthropic, fraternal organization limited to Masons who have completed the York Rite or Scottish Rite masonic courses.BurialsClick
Sons of Temperance [Love, Purity, Charity]A triangle inscribed with the words Love, Purity and Charity is the symbol for the Sons of Temperance.BurialsClick
Womens Relief Corps - WRCWRC - The Woman's Relief Corp worked to relieve the sufferings of veterans of the Civil War.BurialsClick
Woodmen of the WorldFraternal benefit society, with members connected by their membership and their desire to better their lives, and their communitiesBurialsClick