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181 Burials, Bethsalem Cemetery

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Row Name Birth Death Stone Notes
-0Anderson, James A 005 Feb 1870ClickClick
-0Barbour, Major Mordecai 176304 Jan 1846ClickClick
-0Blakely, George 019 May 1870ClickClick
-0Blakely, Martha 005 Mar 1863ClickClick
-0Blakely, Mattie Eugenia 25 Nov 186827 Dec 1868ClickClick
-0Blakely, R J 14 Feb 184305 Oct 1866ClickClick
-0Blakely, Robert Lee 04 Nov 186605 Nov 1866ClickClick
-0Blakely, Thomas 011 Dec 1865ClickClick
-0Blakely, T W 26 Jul 184713 Sep 1871ClickClick
-0Burt, Mrs. Anne 002 Jul 1866ClickClick
-0Burt, Mrs Frances 22 Aug 178021 Jul 1862ClickClick
-0Byrd, Annie Roberta [Williams]5 Dec 191627 Nov 1985ClickClick
-0Byrd, Robert Taylor 27 Feb 19168 Jan 1985ClickClick
-0Caskey, Isabella [McKowan]031 Mar 1857ClickClick
-0Caufield, Elizabeth 18 Oct 183620 Oct 1854ClickClick
-0Caufield, Henry Sen 024 Jul 1840ClickClick
-0Caufield, Isabella 015 Mar 1870ClickClick
-0Caufield, J 01842ClickClick
-0Caufield, Mary 001 Dec 1840ClickClick
-0Caufield, Mary Ann 021 Jul 1848ClickClick
-0Caufield, Thomas 178812 Jan 1859ClickClick
-0Cawfield, Henry 016 Oct 1867ClickClick
-0Chotard, John Charles 01863ClickClick
-0Cook, Mary M 019 Apr 1880NAClick
-0Cook, Sarah B Hale Jul 0 Dec 0ClickClick
-0Cook, Dr. Stephen R 17 Dec 186526 Feb 1910ClickClick
-0Cook, Dr. Stephen R 17 Dec 186520 Feb 1910ClickClick
-0Cousins, J M 30 Dec 187202 May 1908ClickClick
-0Dunbar, William 00ClickClick
-0Ellis, Nathaniel G 017 Sep 1842ClickClick
-0Friend, Alfred M.D. 004 May 1842ClickClick
-0Friend, Anne 028 Apr 1847ClickClick
-0George, Pamela E 023 Dec 1895ClickClick
-0Gould, Eliza W [Chotard]25 Apr 179813 Nov 1878ClickClick
-0Gould, Teeny Harding 18590ClickClick
-0Gould, William P 09 Oct 179307 Oct 1862ClickClick
-0Hanna, Mary E 017 Sep 1853ClickClick
-0Hanna, Robert A 28 Jun 183413 Aug 1858ClickClick
-0Hanna, Samuel Sen. 024 Jul 1846ClickClick
-0Hanna, Samuel Jr. 18 Jul 180906 Aug 1853ClickClick
-0Hanna, Sarah 014 Nov 1853ClickClick
-0Hanna, William 01 Nov 184112 Apr 1842ClickClick
-0Harding, Eliza P 16 Jul 186216 Jul 1888ClickClick
-0Harkness, Sadie [McLemore]09 Nov 186617 Jul 1903ClickClick
-0Harkness, William B 14 Oct 186808 Nov 1910ClickClick
-0Hathcock, Azalean Smith 1 Sep 191217 Apr 1939ClickClick
-0Hatter, Katherine [Hutton]05 Sep 189506 Sep 1914ClickClick
-0Hatter, Robert Harkness 19 Oct 189129 Oct 1928ClickClick
-0Hatter, Dr. W R 026 Oct 1901ClickClick
-0Henderson, Lilla [Johnston]19382006ClickClick
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