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Title Description Burials Photo?
Ab Initio, Ad FinemLatin for "From the Beginning to the End"BurialsClick
Acacia or CassiaEternal life and resurrection - immortality of the soul.BurialsClick
Acanthus In Christianity the thorny leaves represent pain, sin and punishment. Acanthus symbolizes immortality in Mediterranean countries.BurialsClick
AcornSymbol of fertility and life. Also see Oak Leaves.BurialsClick
Alpha and OmegaThe Alpha and the Omega are the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet - they represent the beginning and the end; the totality.BurialsClick
Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) FraternityATO was founded after the American civil war in 1865 to help heal wounds created by the war and reunite north and south.BurialsClick
American LegionPatriotic organization for American military veterans.BurialsClick
AnchorAnchors may signify a mariner, fisherman or a U.S. Navy burial. It is the Christian symbol for hope and steadfastedness. BurialsClick
Anchor - CrossAlso known as crus dissimulata, it is actually a disguised cross used by early Christians to hide their religion so they would not be persecuted. BurialsNA
AngelsAngels engraved on tombstones mean spirituality; they guard the tomb and are thought to be messengers between God and man. See also "Cherub" BurialsClick
Animal EmblemAnimals have strong symbolic meanings, such as Lambs for innocence, Lions for Courage and the Dove for purity and peace.BurialsClick
AnkhAncient Egyptian symbol of life; the universe; all life both human and divine.BurialsClick
AnthemionA classical ornament featuring honeysuckle or palmettes with foliage below. Its use is primarily decorative.BurialsNA
AnvilAn anvil more than likely represents a blacksmith. It may also symbolize the forging of the universe.BurialsClick
AppleFruit of salvation; health and immortality.BurialsClick
ArchThe arch is symbolic of triumph or victory. Arches symbolize a passageway or door into the unknown (journey to heaven).BurialsClick
ArrowThe arrow is a symbol of mortality -- a "dart of death." Arrows may also represent a military profession or hunter.BurialsClick
Artist PaletteA symbol of an artist's palette indicates that the burial is more than likely an artist.BurialsClick
Balance or ScalesBalance or Fairness. Scales may represent a merchant's trade or the weighing of the soul on Judgement Day.BurialsClick
BannerVictory, Triumph, RejoicingBurialsClick
BasketA basket my be simply decorative. A tipped basket represents life's end. A basket of flowers represents nature's blessing.BurialsClick
BedA bed is a denial of death; "She is not dead, but sleepeth"BurialsClick
BeeSymbol of industriousness; small actions of an individual benefit the whole. Germans see the erratic flight of the bee as "wandering souls"BurialsClick
BeehiveUnified, harmonious community. Symbol of Mormonism. Masons considered the beehive to be a symbol of industriousness and productivity.BurialsClick
Beetle or ScarabThe Scarab Beetle symbolizes renewal and regeneration. BurialsClick
Bellflower or BluebellConstancy and gratitude. Sorrowful Regret.BurialsClick
Bird - sittingA sitting bird is guarding the soulBurialsClick
BirdsTranscendence; symbol of the soul -- flight of the soul after death. See also specific breeds of birds.BurialsClick
BooksA Holy Bible is often found on Christian stones. A Bible and the Book of Mormon may be found on Mormon stones. Also symbolizes knowledge; education.BurialsClick
BootA boot on a grave probably represents a cowboy of sorts.BurialsClick
Broken ChainThe soul is freed - removed by death.BurialsClick
BuoyA Buoy is generally a symbol of a mariner.BurialsClick
Butterfly or MothSymbolic of resurrection - the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and then the butterfly or moth. BurialsClick
CaduceusIn modern times the Caduceus symbol is widely used for medicine and healing. Two entwined serpants encircling a staff with wings joined to the staff.BurialsClick
Calla LilyMarriage; fidelity; majestic beauty.BurialsClick
CannonA cannon is indicative of military service; when on the base of the stone it may indicate service with the artillery.BurialsClick
Celtic KnotThe Celtic Knot woven from a single thread symbolizes eternity.BurialsClick
CentaurSymbolizes lust, with all the brute violence which can reduce mankind to the level of beasts unless counterbalanced by spritual strength.BurialsClick
ChainThree chain links is a symbol of the Order of the Odd Fellows. Links can also be a symbol of living or deceased family members. BurialsClick
ChairAn empty chair is a symbol of mortality. A small, empty chair may indicate the death of a child.BurialsClick
Chalice Symbol of Christian Faith. The Chalice may represent Charity on the "Faith, Hope, Charity" triumvariate.BurialsClick
CherubCherubs or Baby Angels are most commonly found on the graves of children. See Angels for more information.BurialsClick
ChrysanthemumThe chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity, immortality, fullness and completeness.BurialsClick
CircleTwo Circles entwined represent marriage. Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity.BurialsClick
Civil WarThe Civil War was fought in the United States from April of 1861 to May of 1865.BurialsClick
ClockA clock is a symbol of mortality. A clock with the hands pointing at 11:00 is associated with the Benevolent and Protective Order of the ElkBurialsClick
CloudsClouds typically represent Heaven.BurialsClick
CloverSymbol of the Trinity and a symbol of Ireland.BurialsClick
CobraAccording to Egyptian mythology, two cobras depicted with the winged sun are said to guard the gates of the underworld.BurialsClick
Cock or RoosterThe Cock or Rooster is a symbol of the Chinese Zodiac. Roosters symbolize pride, honesty, watchfulness, vigilance and courage.BurialsClick
CoffinA coffin engraved on a tombstone is a symbol of mortality.BurialsClick
Colonial DamesThe National Society of Colonial Dames Seventeenth CenturyBurialsClick
ColumnNoble life; a broken column represents life cut off and may represent the loss of the Family head. BurialsClick
CompassA compass is typically represents a Mason. A compass on a Coat of Arms or Family Crest represents "direction"BurialsClick
CornCorn is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Corn (maize) represents all the people as well as all the things in the universe for Native Americans.BurialsClick
CraneSymbol of vigilance, good works and loyalty. In China, the crane symbolizes longevity and immortality.BurialsNA
Crest/Coat of ArmsFamily Crests/Coat of Arms are sometime found on tombstones with incredible detail. BurialsClick
Crook (Crosier)Crosiers or Shephard's Crooks are often associated with Odd Fellows. Carried by or before an abbot, bishop, or archbishop as a symbol of office.BurialsClick
Cross - Aaronic Order ChurchAaronic Order Church Cross symbol.BurialsClick
Cross - BontoneeThe Budded Cross. Three lobed ends or Buds, representing the trinity. Also known as Trefoil, Bottony, Botonee.BurialsClick
Cross - CalvaryA Latin cross on three steps or blocks symbolizing faith, hope and love or charity. Also known as a Graded Cross, Stepped Cross or Altar Cross.BurialsClick
Cross - CelticThe Celtic or Irish Cross is a cross within a circle which stands for eternity. BurialsClick
Cross - Chi Rho (letters X and P) or LabarumThe letters X and P are the Greek letters for Chi Rho, an abbreviation for the word Christ. The Chi Rho Cross is a warrior's cross.BurialsClick
Cross - EgyptianAlso known as a Coptic Cross, adapted from the Ankh symbol, the symbol of life.BurialsClick
Cross - EpiscopalEpiscopal CrossBurialsClick
Cross - Fleure-de-lisThe Fleure-de-lis cross is adorned with lily petals at the arm ends. Similar to the Fleurie cross.BurialsClick
Cross - FleurieThe Fleurie (Flory, Floretty, Fleuronny) Cross has three lobed ends which represent the Trinity when used as a Christian Cross.BurialsClick
Cross - GreekThe Greek Cross has four equal arms and is the traditional symbol of Christian faith. BurialsClick
Cross - IonicSimilar to the Celtic cross with ends that flair outward signifying everlasting salvation, love and glory.BurialsClick
Cross - LabarumSee Chi-RhoBurialsClick
Cross - LatinThe Latin or Christian Cross is the most common form of the cross. The simple design is one of the oldest symbols of Christianity. BurialsClick
Cross - Lauburu or Basque The Lauburu or Basque cross was generally used as a symbol of prosperity in heraldry. May mark the tomb of healers of animals and healers of soul.BurialsClick
Cross - LilyThe Lily Cross is simply a Latin cross decorated with lilies (usually white arum lilies). BurialsClick
Cross - LutheranLutheran CrossBurialsClick
Cross - MilitaryA small white cross marks many U.S. military graves. A cross made of airplane propellers is the "Distinguished Flying Cross"BurialsClick
Cross - MolineOne of the oldest heraldic variations of the cross. In heraldry the arms of the cross peal off into two curls at the end. BurialsClick
Cross - PresbyterianPresbyterian CrossBurialsClick
Cross - ReligiousThe Cross is an emblem of faith. Nice site with crosses.BurialsClick
Cross - Russian OrthodoxThe Russian Orthodox Cross consists of three bars, the lowest bar is slanted.BurialsClick
Cross - SwastikaThe original swastika cross was a symbol of good fortune. Unfortunately, the swastika is now associated with Hitler and evil.BurialsClick
Cross - United Methodist ChurchUnited Methodist Church EmblemBurialsClick
Cross with CrownChristian symbol of sovereignty of the Lord. It is also an emblem used with the Christian Scientist religion and is a symbol of the Knights Templar.BurialsClick
CrownAchievement of the soul and glory of life after death. Victory over death. Righteousness.BurialsClick
CSAConfederate States Army - Southern side of the Civil War. Many headstones are marked with the Southern Cross of Honor.BurialsClick
Curtain or VeilA symbol of passage from one type of existence to another.BurialsClick
Daffodil/NarcissusRebirth and Resurrection; triumph of divine love and sacrifice over vanity, selfishness and death (Legend of Narcissus)BurialsClick
DaisyDaisies often indicate a child's grave and represents the innocence of childhood and young people. The Daisy is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary.BurialsClick
DAR - Daughters American RevolutionNSDAR - National Society Daughters American Revolution. Serves to "perpetuate the memory and spirit of the women and men who achieved America"BurialsClick
Deaths HeadThe Death's Head is a symbol of mortality that is typically depicted with a skull with bones.BurialsClick
Deid BellThe Deid Bell is a Scottish symbol generally depicted as a small hand bell which was rung at funerals and to give notice of the funeral.BurialsNA
Dog - ManA dog is generally a symbol (on newer tombstones) of a remembered pet.BurialsClick
Dogwood FlowerDogwood is a symbol of regeneration, divine sacrifice and triumph of eternal life.BurialsClick
DoveThe dove is a symbol of resurrection, innocence and peace, love, purity and resurrection. A dove with an olive spring represents peace.BurialsClick
Dove - AscendingAn ascending dove represents the transport of the soul to heaven.BurialsClick
Dove - DeadA Dead Dove represents a prematurely shortened life.BurialsClick
Dove - DescendingA dove descending represents a descent from Heaven -- an assurance of a passage to heaven. BurialsClick
Dove - Dive BombingA dive-bombing dove with a twig represents the Holy Ghost.BurialsClick
DragonThe dragon is a legendary creature with reptilian traits and is one of the most common creatures in heraldry. BurialsClick
DragonflyImmortality, regenerationBurialsNA
DraperySorrow and mourning.BurialsClick
EagleAn eagle with a "32" is a sign of a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason. Eagles are sometimes engraved on military graves in the United States.BurialsClick
Ecclesiastes 12.6-7Depiction of Ecclesiastes 12.6-7 includes a wheel with a broken cord, a broken pitcher, a shattered bowl and water representing the well or spring.BurialsClick
ElkAn elk is generally a symbol found on tombstones for members of the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks. See acronym BPOE.BurialsClick
EvangelistsThe four Evangelists who wrote the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are generally represented by an angel, winged ox, winged lion and an eagle.BurialsClick
EvangelistsMatthew: Winged Man, Mark: Winged Lion, Luke: Winged Ox, John: EagleBurialsClick
EyeThe Eye is a metaphor for the source of creation - the Eye of God. Eye with a pyramid: Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the UniverseBurialsClick
Eye of RaThe Eye of Ra represents the right eye of the Egyptian Falcon God Horus and was associated with the Sun God Ra.BurialsClick
Face with Wings or Winged SoulEffigy of the soul of the deceased; symbolizes the soul leaving the body at the time of death.BurialsClick
Faith, Hope, Charity (Book, Anchor and Heart)A triumvirate of Biblical virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity. The book is Faith, the anchor Hope, and the hands or heart are Charity.BurialsClick
Father TimeFather time is generally equipped with a scythe and hour glass reprenting mortality and the passage of time.BurialsClick
FawnA fawn is a symbol of innocence and is generally found on the graves of children.BurialsClick
FernHumility, solitude and sincerityBurialsClick
Finger Pointing downCalling the earth to witness. The Deceased has been chosen by God. This person may have had a sudden death from an accident or illness.BurialsClick
Finger Pointing Left or RightWhen the hands are clasped and the index finger of one hand points left or right, it means this person was a member of the Masonic Order. BurialsClick
Finger Pointing UpPathway to heaven, heavenly reward, the soul has risen to Heaven.BurialsClick
FlagGenerally the American flag, confederate flag or a state flag representing patriotism or military service.BurialsClick
FlameEternal Life or Eternal VigilanceBurialsClick
Fleur-de-LisThe three segments symbolize faith, wisdom and valor. The Trinity, passion and love. Used as a symbol of the Boy Scounts of AmericaBurialsClick
Flower, BouquetLife's frailty, brevity of life. A bouquet represents life cut short; grief.BurialsClick
GAR Symbol - Civil WarThe GAR or Grand Army of the Republic symbol was an organization of Union Civil War veterans. Their motto was "Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty."BurialsClick
GarlandVicotry in Death. Also see Wreaths and Swags.BurialsClick
GateOpen gates symbolize afterlife; the entrance to heaven.BurialsClick
GrapesGrapes, or Fruit, generally represent Eternal Plenty or Heavenly AbundanceBurialsClick
Greek KeyThe Greek Key, also known as Fret, is an ornamental design consisting of repeated and symmetrical figures contained within a border. BurialsClick
Green ManSymbol of oneness with the earth - symbolizes regeneration.BurialsClick
GryphonThe Gryphon is a symbol of nobility and guardianship.BurialsClick
Hand holding a CrossA hand holding a cross symbolizes resurrection and the eternal life of the soul.BurialsClick
Hand of GodA hand reaching though the clouds, from Heaven, represents the Hand of God.BurialsClick
Hand with HeartThe heart represents charity and generosity. Often associated with the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, if shown with three chain links.BurialsClick
Hands - GeneralHands are sometimes seen on tombstones simply holding things, such as flowers. See also Fingers, hands clasping and hands praying.BurialsClick
Hands Clasped - Masonic Hand ShakeHands clasped with one finger pointing down is the masonic handshake. BurialsClick
Hands ClaspingTwo hands joined typically signify union. The sleeves may be both masculine and feminine, indicating marriage. A finger on either hand may be pointing down or up (see Fingers). BurialsClick
Hands PrayingAsking God for Eternal life; prayer for the soul of the departed. Two hands with spread fingers are Jewish.BurialsClick
Harp or LyreHeavenly Music or Joy. The Harp is a symbol of hope --it may have a broken string. Symbol of Ireland.BurialsClick
HeartSymbol of Divine Love and Charity. Two joined hearts symbolize love or marriage. Scottish symbol of the soul.BurialsClick
Heart with Anchor and CrossFaith, Hope and Charity. BurialsClick
Heart with SwordCatholic symbol known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary.BurialsClick
Hebrew Symbolism - Here LiesThis sign is found on many Jewish tombstones. It represents the Hebrew words po nikbar or po nitman, meaning "Here Lies"BurialsClick
HorseA horse is generally a military symbol for the cavalry. A horse on a Coat of Arms symbolizes readiness for all employments for king and country.BurialsClick
HourglassA reminder of the brevity of life and the passage of time. A flaming hourglass represents eternity. Also see Winged Hourglass.BurialsClick
HTWSSTKSAcronym for "Hiram the Widows Son Sent to King Solomon" and is found on a keystone of Royal Arch Masons.BurialsClick
HummingbirdHummingbirds are primarily decorative. BurialsClick
IrisIn ancient mythology, the Iris was a messenger of the Gods.BurialsClick
IvyIvy is a symbol of Immortality, Faithfulness and of Memory and Friendship. BurialsClick
KeySymbolizes the key to unlock the gates of heaven (St. Peter), or a learned person or a symbol of knowledge of the scriptures.BurialsClick
Knights TemplarEstablished in England in the 18th century, the Masonic Templars claim descent from the Medieval Poor Soldiers in Christ. BurialsNA
Korean War1950-1953. KVA is a symbol for members of the Korean Veterans of America. KDVA is a symbol for Korean Defense Veterans of America.BurialsClick
LambThe Lamb is a symbol of innocence and is frequently used on the graves of children.BurialsClick
LampA symbol of Immortality of the Spirit; illuminates the word of God.BurialsClick
Laurel Branch or LeavesLaurel represents special achievements, distinction, success, triumph of worldly accomplishment, and heroism.BurialsClick
LevelThe level is a very basic symbol of Freemasonry, as a Mason must pledge to be "on the level" in all his dealings.BurialsClick
LilyThe Lily is a symbol of innocence and purity. The white lily is used to symbolize the resurrection of Christ and restoration of innocence of the soul.BurialsClick
Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley is for purity and innocence. Return of Happiness.BurialsClick
LionCourage, Majesty and Strength. A winged lion represents St. Mark the Evangelist.BurialsClick
LotusEgyptian symbol of purity, resurrection, evolution, potential. Eloquence.BurialsClick
MasonMany Mason tombstones are marked with a compass and square which stand for faith and reason. The letter "G" stands for God or Geometry. BurialsClick
Mason - Grand MasterFreemasons, uprightness, judgmentBurialsClick
Mason - Royal Arch (HTWSSTKS )Royal Arch Masons are an organization of York Rite Masons that have at minimum obtained the Master Mason degree. See also HTWSSTKS.BurialsClick
Mason - Scottish RiteA series of organizations covering the Masonic degrees from the fourth degree up. The symbol for the 32nd+ degree Mason is a double-headed eagle.BurialsClick
Mason - ShrinersSee ShrinersBurialsClick
MeanderGraphic symbolizing Clouds and Rolling Thunder, both representative of God and his power in the heavens. In one representation, it is the Greek key.BurialsClick
MenorahThe Menorah, a seven-branched candelabra, is a symbol of divine wisdom and may be found on Jewish markers. It also symbolizes a "righteous" womanBurialsClick
Mexican WarThe Mexican War between the United States and Mexico was fought 1846-1848.BurialsClick
Military MedalsU.S. Military graves may be marked with medals for distinguished services such as the Air Medal and the Purple Heart.BurialsClick
Mitre (Headdress worn by a Bishop)The liturgical headdress and part of the insignia of a Christian bishop. In the Western church it is a tall pointed hat with peaks in front and back, worn at all solemn functions. BurialsClick
MIZPAHwatch-tower; the look-out BurialsClick
Moon or CrescentEternity; sign of the second coming. See also Masons, shriners. The crescent moon with a star is symbolic of the Muslim religion.BurialsClick
MooseA moose may be found on the emblem for the "Loyal Order of the Moose" - a fraternal organization.BurialsClick
Morning GloryBeginning of a new life; youth or resurrection.BurialsClick
Mortar and PestleSymbolizes a physician or pharmacist.BurialsClick
National GuardThe Army National Guard is composed primarily of traditional Guardsmen -- civilians who serve their country, state and community on a part-time basis.BurialsClick
NiobeQueen of ThebesBurialsClick
Oak Tree, Leaves, AcornsOak leaves on tombs can stand for strength, endurance, power, authority, longevity or victory.BurialsClick
ObeliskRebirth, connect between Heaven & Earth. An upright four-sided pillar, gradually tapering as it rises and cut off at the top in the form of a pyramid.BurialsClick
Olive Branch or TwigThe Olive Branch symbolizes peace as well as fruitfulness, strength, and victory.BurialsClick
OrangemenLoyal Orange Association of British America (Orangemen)BurialsClick
Orb or BallThe Orb is primarily decorative. Three balls together may symbolize money (pawn shop.) Anything circular is endless and may represent eternity.BurialsClick
Ostensorium or MonstranceGenerally marks the grave of clergy. The device is a vessel of the Eucharist most commonly in the shape of a flower or the sun.BurialsClick
OxA winged ox represents St. Luke the Evangelist.BurialsClick
PalmThe Palm signifies victory over death and rejoicing. BurialsClick
Palmetto TreeThe Palmetto tree is on the state flag of South Carolina to represent the defense of the palmetto-log fort during the Revolutionary War.BurialsClick
PansyThink of Me, Thoughts, Remembrance, Humility.BurialsNA
PapyrusIn Egypt, papyrus was a natural symbol of life itself and the primeval marsh from which all life came. Papyrus pillars were said to hold up the sky.BurialsClick
Passion FlowerThe Passion Flower symbolizes Christ's Passion, Redemption and Crucifixion. "The Passion of Christ"BurialsClick
PeacockImmortality through resurrection. Glory, immortality, royalty, incorruptibility, and pride.BurialsClick
Pine ConeAncient symbol for regeneration and fertility; immortalityBurialsClick
PitcherA pitcher broken at the fountain is representative of Ecclesiastes 12, verse 6: "Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern."BurialsClick
Plants and LeavesPlants and leaves symbolize many things, such as thistle for Scottish descent and remembrance. See specific plant types for more informationBurialsClick
PoppiesRest, sleep, peace, immortality.BurialsClick
QuatrefoilA quatrefoil is composed of four equal lobes, like a four-petaled flower.Used for good luck -- similar to the four-leaf clovers. BurialsClick
Revolutionary War LoyalistTombstone Symbol unknown. Loyalists were sympathetic to the British during the Revolutionary war. Many fled to Nova Scotia, Canada.BurialsClick
Revolutionary War PatriotRevolutionary War Patriot graves may be marked by the NSDAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution) insigniaBurialsClick
RocksChristian symbol for the Lord. BurialsClick
RopeBinding together, as in a fraternal organization.BurialsClick
RoseA fully opened Rose may indicate that the deceased died in the prime of life. The rose also signifies love, beauty and condolence.BurialsClick
Rose - Broken StemA life cut short. A fully opened rose with a broken stem represents the death of a mature adult.BurialsClick
Rose BudA rose bud symbolizes a life cut short and is most often found on the graves of children.BurialsClick
ScrollScrolls are sometimes used instead of a book to represent the writings, wisdom or beliefs of the deceased.BurialsClick
Scythe or SickleThe scythe is a weapon of death indicative of mortality.BurialsClick
Sea Shell, Scallop ShellMan's earthly pilgrimage; birth and resurrectionBurialsClick
Sextons ToolsThe tools of the sexton, or cemetery keeper, were generally represented as a spade and turf cutter with a triangular blade representing mortality.BurialsNA
ShieldA shield may be a family crest, or may indicate a soldier's burial. Union Civil War soldiers typically had a shieldBurialsClick
ShipShips are generally used to mark a grave of one who led a seafaring life. Christians also use the symbol to represent passage to afterlife.BurialsClick
ShoesShoes may be a symbol of a profession, such as a dancer.BurialsClick
ShrinersPhilanthropic, fraternal organization limited to Masons who have completed the York Rite or Scottish Rite masonic courses.BurialsClick
Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"Thus passes away the Glory of the World" -- AKA "You Can't Take it With you"BurialsClick
Signature - Barret & Co. N.O. (New Orleans)Tombstone signed by carver Barret & Co.BurialsClick
Signature - Clark Memorials, Birmingham, AlabamaTombstone signed by Clark Memorials, Birmingham, Alabama.BurialsClick
Signature - Clark, J.S. and Co., Louisville, KYTombstone signed by carver J.S. Clark & Co., Lou. KyBurialsClick
Signature - Duncan, C.T.Tombstone signed by carver C.T. DuncanBurialsClick
Signature - GanttCarver signature on tombstone - Dr. E. Gantt of Talladega County, Alabama.BurialsClick
Signature - HerdHerd signature other than G. or A. Herd. Five Herd brothers from Scotland carved many tombstones found through Alabama from the late 1830s to abt 1880BurialsClick
Signature - Herd, A. (Alexander)Signature found on tombstones Greene Co., Alabama. Alexander Herd was born in Scotland and was among the first to quarry marble in Sylacauga, Alabama.BurialsClick
Signature - Herd, G. (George)Signature found on tombstones signed by G. Herd. George Herd was born in Scotland and was among the first to quarry marble in Sylacauga, Talladega Co.BurialsClick
Signature - Holt, T.H.Signature of Thomas H. Holt from Birmingham, Alabama. BurialsClick
Signature - HughesTombstone signed by carver B.J. Hughes of Vienna (Pickens County) Alabama.BurialsClick
Signature - McDonald, March & Co.Signature of carver McDonald, March and Co. BurialsClick
Signature - McKinley, J. H. DemopolisJ.H. McKinley used beautiful symbolism on the white, marble tombstone of Mary Todd Collins in St. Andrews Episcopal CemeteryBurialsClick
Signature - Miller from MississippiSignature of Carver on tombstone R. Miller or R & C Miller of Mississippi.BurialsClick
Signature - Montgomery, J.N. of SelmaTombstone signed by carver John Newton Montgomery of Selma, AlabamaBurialsClick
Signature - NixTombstone signed by carver J.M.N.B. Nix of AlabamaBurialsClick
Signature - OdenTombstone signed by Henry P. Oden, carver. BurialsClick
Signature - ONeil Tombstone signed by ONeil & Sons or J.J. ONeil of Meridian, MississippiBurialsClick
Signature - QuigleyTombstone signed by carver Quigley or marked Quigly Memorials.BurialsClick
Signature - Rosebrough & Sons, St. LouisTombstone signed by Rosebrough & Sons of St. Louis, Missouri.BurialsClick
Signature - Snyder & AutryTombstone signed by Snyder & Autry of TennesseeBurialsClick
Signature - Trinchard, 90 Water St., Mobile ALSignature of carver found on tombstones primarily in Alabama. BurialsClick
Signature - Turner, J.Tombstone signed by carver J.(Jarvis) Turner of Mobile, Alabama.BurialsClick
Signature - WildmanTombstone signed by carver T.H. WildmanBurialsClick
Signature - YanceyA.J. Yancey, Birmingham, Ala. Yancey & Kean, Corinth, Miss. A.J. Yancey, Corinth, Miss.BurialsClick
Signature on tombstoneSignature on tombstone by master carver.BurialsClick
SleepingEternal RestBurialsClick
Snake or SerpentA snake biting its tail is a symbol of immortality or everlasting life. A coiled snake indicates sin.BurialsClick
Sons of Temperance [Love, Purity, Charity]A triangle inscribed with the words Love, Purity and Charity is the symbol for the Sons of Temperance.BurialsClick
Spanish American WarThe soldier's of the Spanish American War may have symbol with the acronym USWV for United Spanish War VeteransBurialsClick
SphinxThe Sphinx represents strength and protection and is generally seen as a guardian of the tomb.BurialsClick
SpiralThe single spiral symbolizes the concept of growth, expansion and cosmic energy depending on the culture. It represented the sun in ancient Ireland.BurialsNA
Stag, Hart, Buck and DeerA stag on a Coat of Arms represents Policy, Peace and Harmony. A stag with a cross attached to its antlers portrays The Legend of St. Eustace.BurialsClick
StarStars are frequently used as religious symbols.BurialsClick
Star - Six PointedSymbolic of God, the creator of the universe. The six points refer to his attributes: wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth. BurialsClick
Story StonesStory stones tell a story and are a pictorial representation of how the deceased died.BurialsClick
SunA shining sun represents Heavenly light. Also see "Winged Sun Disk."BurialsClick
SunflowerIn Catholic iconography the sun represents the divine light of God and the Sunflower represents the devout striving toward God.BurialsClick
SwordA sword is typically a symbol of military service. When the sword is on the base of the stone it may indicate service with the infantry.BurialsClick
TentSocieties associate tents with a place to summon the powers of God. A symbol used by the MasonsBurialsClick
ThistleThe thistle frequently represent someone of Scottish descent. It can also mean earthly sorrow or defiance.BurialsClick
ToolsTools are generally a symbol of the trade of the deceased.BurialsClick
TorchA lit torch signifies life or eternal life. An extinguished torch symbolizes death. An inverted torch with a flame symbolizes the eternal soul.BurialsClick
Train or LocomotiveA train typically represents the occupation of the deceased. BurialsClick
TreeA tree may represent knowledge as in the "tree of knowledge". Also see "Tree Stump". A broken tree branch may signify a life cut short.BurialsClick
Tree StumpA tree stump means life was interrupted. A severed tree branch symbolizes the end of life cycle.BurialsClick
TrefoilThree equal circles joined generally represents the Trinity.BurialsClick
TriangleHoly TrinityBurialsClick
TrumpetPraise of God; Judgement Day,BurialsClick
Turtle or TortoiseThe turtle is generally used as a decorative element, though it may represent longevity, patience, durability and strength.BurialsClick
Unidentified/Unknown SymbolTombstone emblems that have yet to be identified in our current classification system.BurialsClick
United States MarinesUnited States MarinesBurialsClick
United States NavyUnited States Navy BurialsClick
UrnImmortality, penitence, death of the body and its return to dust in the final resting-place. The draped Urn represents sorrow or mourning.BurialsClick
Venus Fly TrapFrom David M. Habben: The Venus fly trap reminds us to keep our options open. To open our hearts. To not make hasty decisions.BurialsClick
Vietnam WarU.S. Vietnam soldiers tombstones may be symbolized with membership emblems such as VVA - Vietnam Veterans of AmericaBurialsClick
VioletsHumility, faithfulness, modesty. A flower of spring represents youth; short life.BurialsNA
VultureTwin vultures are Egyptian symbols for maternal care. Vulture's wings symbolize protection and maternal care.BurialsClick
War of 1812The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815BurialsClick
Wheat The divine harvest; old age, fruitful life, life fulfilled.BurialsClick
WheelEternity, continuation and progress. A broken wheel symbolizes a finished journey. A wheel may also represent Buddhism or industry such as automotive.BurialsClick
Willow TreePerpetual Mourning; GriefBurialsClick
Winged HourglassMortality, fleeting earthly existence, "time flies"BurialsClick
Winged Sun DiskAppears on many Egyptian tombs and temple entrances and commemorates the victory of light over darkness, and the life giving properties of the sun.BurialsClick
Womens Relief Corps - WRCWRC - The Woman's Relief Corp worked to relieve the sufferings of veterans of the Civil War.BurialsClick
Woodmen of the WorldFraternal benefit society, with members connected by their membership and their desire to better their lives, and their communitiesBurialsClick
World War I1914-1918 - The Great War. U.S. Military graves are often marked with a small, white crossBurialsClick
World War II1939-1945. U.S. Military graves are often marked with a small, white crossBurialsClick
WreathVictory in Death. Wreath of Roses - Heavenly Joy. Beauty and virtue rewarded in time.BurialsClick